Learn How to Take Full Advantage of EHR Data in This Informative Webinar

The digitization of healthcare data is a modern phenomenon, with most healthcare organizations still uncovering how it fits into their strategy. Most organizations focus on the financial aspects of healthcare, but by not fully leveraging their analytics, are leaving a wealth of knowledge about customer experience and clinical outcomes on the table. Healthcare analytics can have a significant influence on the future of a healthcare organization, but only if we can evolve analytics from numbers on a screen to practical, workable information.

In the 10 Traps to Avoid When Working with Electronic Health Record (EHR) Data webinar, we explore common challenges that must be overcome to turn data into actionable knowledge. Whether you’re new to healthcare or are looking to advance your existing knowledge of healthcare data, these tips will offer valuable insight into how analytics can work for you.

Watch the 10 Traps to Avoid When Working with Electronic Health Record (EHR) Data webinar now to learn:

  • The importance of the clinical workflow and its impact on data analytics
  • How to identify common data barriers that appear when working with clinical data extracts
  • How to articulate the impact that data definitions and quality has on the ability to derive value from analytics
  • How to determine if your analytics process is devolving into aimlessness (and how to get it back on track!)

Healthcare organizations are eager to put data to use through the adoption of analytics, but to leverage advanced analytics you need to know how to work with healthcare data effectively and avoid the traps.

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About Our Speaker

Greg Nelson is the founder and CEO of ThotWave. For more than two decades, Greg has been on the front lines of analytics leadership as a global healthcare and Business Intelligence executive. Throughout this time, he's provided countless healthcare organizations with actionable insight—helping them embrace data-driven decision-making and improve the lives of the people they serve. A prolific speaker and writer, Greg is chiefly responsible for pursuing ThotWave’s mission to create data champions.