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To succeed in healthcare analytics, teams don't need to be stacked exclusively with individuals who have advanced degrees in math, science, statistics, or computer science, skills in predictive modeling, or natural language processing, and proficiency in SAS®, R, or Python.

Instead, successful teams need to have a solid grasp of the nine performance domains. In our webinar The Elusive Data Scientist: Real-World Analytic Competencies, we're sharing how these nine competencies encompass the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and dispositions that today's analytic professional should possess in support of a learning, analytically-driven organization.

Watch The Elusive Data Scientist: Real-World Analytic Competencies to:

  • Discover each of the nine competencies 
  • Understand why each of the core competencies is required and how they relate to organizational analytic maturity
  • Learn how these competencies fit into team structures
  • See specific examples of job families and career paths you could follow based on your domains, skills, and interests
  • View a self-assessment tool to see where you stack up

Analytics teams must be able to turn historical data into predictive and prescriptive interventions, achieving better outcomes for their patients and businesses. By understanding how team members are able to demonstrate these nine competencies to contribute to shared objectives, teams will be easily able to achieve organizational analytics goals.

BONUS: Webinar attendees will get a copy of the Healthcare Analytics Job Families Executive Guide. This guide is essential for developing the best analytics strategy for your organization and illuminates the five core job families and skills your team should bring to the table.

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About Our Speaker

Greg Nelson is the founder and CEO of ThotWave. For more than two decades, Greg has been on the front lines of analytics leadership as a global healthcare and Business Intelligence executive. Throughout this time, he's provided countless healthcare organizations with actionable insight—helping them embrace data-driven decision-making and improve the lives of the people they serve. A prolific speaker and writer, Greg is chiefly responsible for pursuing ThotWave’s mission to create data champions.