Healthcare Analytics Teams Wanted: Sign Up For Our Talent Development Program

Data literacy is quickly becoming a non-negotiable skill for today’s healthcare professionals. From the C-suite to the front lines, healthcare analytics competencies are essential for informing patient care. But which skills and traits are most important, how do you identify them in new and current employees, and what steps need to be taken to foster them throughout your organization? Before ThotWave’s development of the Healthcare Analytics Competency Model©, there lacked an enterprise-wide solution to assess analytics capabilities within healthcare organizations and provide an actionable development path for large teams.

Our Talent Development Program is now open to qualified healthcare organizations seeking to improve how their teams use data. The Talent Development Program applies the ThotWave Healthcare Analytics Competency Model© to assess your team’s analytic standing in light of 280 skills and abilities which comprise the 42 essential competencies in the healthcare analytic product development life cycle. 

Through your organization’s participation, you will be able to:

  • Assess your team’s current analytic competencies using our proven methodology

  • Pinpoint competency development needs in your organization that may be holding your team back

  • Design an organizational curriculum plan that can complement your existing learning & development strategy

  • Engage with Healthcare Analytics mentors to plan your development strategies in a virtual coaching session

  • Access an analytics career lattice and associated job descriptions that ties to our competency model and supports staff career growth

We recognize that each organization is different in size and service breadth. Sign up and we will be in touch to develop a right-sized proposal.

How it Works:

  • Sign up via the form
  • We help you assign your staff to our standardized job families and roles
  • Have your staff complete their self-assessments
  • We develop your organizational gap report
  • We design your curriculum plan
  • Schedule virtual coaching session to review our findings