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Greg Nelson, 


Greg Nelson is the Founder and CEO of ThotWave. Greg has over two decades of experience in the healthcare industry, a deep specialization in business intelligence, and a passion for helping organizations develop strategic analytics capabilities.

Unlock Your Competitive Advantage

Discover how to harness the power of analytics to help you make decisions that lead to better outcomes.

When you schedule your consultation with Greg, you'll gain access to expert advice based on your healthcare organization's needs and challenges. This discussion will provide you with:

  • A perspective on how other healthcare organizations have solved similar challenges to realize their data and analytics potential
  • Insight on creating a framework to develop and retain analytics talent
  • Recommendations on best practices and approaches to successfully navigate organizational change
  • Suggestions for who can help you solve your challenges—even if it isn't us
  • A clear understanding of what we do, our philosophy, and the difference it will make for you
  • And more!

Some of the things we'll discuss include:

  • Your biggest healthcare analytics challenges
  • Where you've succeeded or failed in the past
  • The current state of your analytics strategy
  • Whether data governance is an issue for you
  • Your plan to mature your analytics capabilities, and how you measure analytics maturity
  • Answers to any questions you may have

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"We couldn’t image not having access to the experts at ThotWave. They understand the psychology of learning and how statisticians and programmers work.”

—Global Health Research

Why ThotWave?

Data can be overwhelming—until you meet ThotWave. We provide services to make sense of your data and teach your teams to do the same. To us real change goes beyond tools and technology and necessarily involves improving both people (through education, mentoring) and processes.
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    Data and Analytics Strategy

    Maximizing the value of your data to stay competitive starts with a well-defined data and analytics strategy. ThotWave works with your organization to create a strategy that aligns your organizational mission with your analytics team, lets you determine the ROI if your analtyics initiatives and get buy-in from senior leaders in the process, and increase the visibility and relevance of data within your organization. 

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    Change Navigation

    Having the data isn't enough—organizations must bridge the gap between analytics and action to realize the benefits. ThotWave works exclusively with healthcare and life sciences organizations to foster innovation, embed data and analytics processes, position teams for optimal growth, and establish teams of data experts, clinical leaders and business analytists to champion data use in all areas. 
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    Cultivate Data Champions

    The most successful organizations understand that building analytics teams is about more than just filling them with bodies. ThotWave helps you design your team to achieve organizational goals, ensuring that your selection and onboarding processes are effective, talent not only stays but thrives in your organization, top performers are nurtured into leadership, and ultimately that data champions are created.