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As humans, we don’t always intuitively understand the concept of risk. Emotion, organizational culture, and senses of urgency are all factors that cause even the most statistically intelligent individuals to disregard evidence-based protocols in favor of using ‘gut’ in decision making. Despite this, risk literacy is a core competency for all data champions, particularly as big data insights from precision medicine efforts find their way into clinical workflows.   

Without a firm understanding of the importance of risk literacy, data-driven strategies to improve healthcare will fall short of their potential impact. In our upcoming webinar, Developing Your Analytic Intuition: Techniques for Understanding Healthcare Risk Scoreswe help you develop your intuitive understanding of risk-related principles, ensuring the development of appropriate treatment plans, decreasing waste, and improving communication effectiveness with patients.

Join us for the educational ThotWebinar on Thursday, May 18th at 1 PM ET to discover:

    • What risk, risk scores, and risk stratification mean within the context of the healthcare industry
    • Common misconceptions that surround risk
      • How risk literacy impacts the adoption of advanced analytics in the healthcare field
      • Risk visualization techniques that will help you efficiently develop your analytic intuition 

Healthcare organizations are clamoring to put their data to use through the adoption of advanced analytics. But to maximize the impact of advanced analytics, you need to know the importance of risk scores, risk assessment, and risk stratification. Our upcoming webinar, Developing Your Analytic Intuition: Techniques for Understanding Healthcare Risk Scores will provide this information. Don’t risk it! Register now to secure your spot. 

About Our Speaker

Greg Nelson is the founder and CEO of ThotWave. For more than two decades, Greg has been on the front lines of analytics leadership as a global healthcare and Business Intelligence executive. Throughout this time, he's provided countless healthcare organizations with actionable insight—helping them embrace data-driven decision-making and improve the lives of the people they serve. A prolific speaker and writer, Greg is chiefly responsible for pursuing ThotWave’s mission to create data champions.