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Competency-Based Curriculum Tailored To You

Selecting, onboarding, nurturing, and sustaining analytics talent doesn't have to be diffcult. Let ThotWave Healthcare Analytics Academy help develop your healthcare analytics team by creating a customized competency-based learning plan that takes into account your organization's unique needs and goals.

Each customized learning plan is built on on the foundation of nine competency domains:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Strategic Thinking
  3. Analytical Thinking
  4. Data Management
  5. Data Exploration
  6. Data Visualization
  7. Technology Literacy
  8. Analytical Product Management
  9. Leadership

The individual modules of your plan are selected and aligned to your needs and goals based on learner assessment of knowledge, skills, and behaviors.

Creating a customized ThotWave Healthcare Analytics Academy curriculum means:

  • Planning around the competencies that matter to your organization.
  • Designing learning plans that map to the desired knowledge, skills, behaviors, and performance outcomes for your staff.
  • Delivering education through modules that work for the technically skilled, busy adult learner.
  • Engaging with expert ThotLeaders, coaches and facilitators who help you learn at your own pace and in your own style.
Our job doesn't end after the education modules have been delivered. We know that textbook learning and real-life applications of knowledge are two separate things, and we'll help your analytics staff apply their learnings in a practical setting. 

Fill out the form to get started with ThotWave Healthcare Analytics Academy now. We'll schedule an in-depth consultation session to identify your organizational goals and needs, and then start designing your custom learning plan. You'll be contacted by one of our analytics education specialists within 24 hours to schedule your no-obligation consultation session. 

Popular Learning Modules

  • Data Visualization Best Practices

    Data Visualization Best Practices

    Data means little without our ability to visually convey it. Whether building a business case to open a new clinic, presenting research findings, estimating patient volumes, displaying incidence rates or comparing the relative effectiveness of a therapy, we are crafting a story that is defined by the graphics that we use to tell it.
  • Essentials of Question Design and Data Collection

    Essentials of Question Design and Data Collection

    This course covers a structured, data-driven approach to problem design. It provides a framework to design questions and discover any barriers to analysis before getting too far down the path of execution. This course will help anyone who needs to ask question of health data understand how to prioritize analysis projects so the effort is right-sized for project impact.
  • Kicking and Screaming Your Way to SAS Enterprise Guide

    Kicking and Screaming Your Way to SAS Enterprise Guide

    You are a skilled SAS® programmer. You can code circles around those “newbies” who point and click in SAS® Enterprise Guide®. And yet… there are tasks you struggle with on a regular basis, such as “Is the name of that data set DRUG or DRUGS?” and “What intern wrote this code? It’s not formatted well at all and is hard to read.”

Meet the Team

Photo of Greg Nelson

Greg Nelson, MMCi, CPHIMS

CEO & Founder

Photo of Jennifer Smolka

Jennifer Smolka, PhD

Executive Director, Healthcare Analytics Academy

Photo of Monica

Monica M. Horvath, PhD

Director of Health Intelligence

Photo of Michelle

Michelle Buchecker, BBA, MCIS

Director Technical Training Services

"We love the fact that we have access to our instructors and their real world experience in healthcare.”
—Mid-sized hospital, small analytic team focused on ambulatory quality

Why ThotWave?

Data and analytic literacy should be a core competency for everyone in healthcare. This starts with a holistic view of the pressing issues facing healthcare today and how that translates into the data we collect, analyze and interpret. We focus on developing the data champion through mindset, skill set and toolset mastery. Through our knowledge of the industry and our experience with analytics, we can solve the most challenging problems of healthcare. Our mission is to create data champions and celebrate their role in improving healthcare.
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    Adaptive Content

    Learning paths adapted to the needs of your company and designed for individual growth.
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    Competency-based Curriculum

    Experienced faculty and mentors help build analytical competencies that matter in healthcare.
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    Designed for the way you learn

    Some people learn through experiences, others through activities, and some learn best from seeing examples from others.