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Families_Guide_Cover.pngLike many challenges facing the healthcare industry, your organization’s ability to implement a successful analytics strategy depends on putting together the right team—with the right talents—for the job.

When you download the Healthcare Analytics Job Families Executive Guide, you’ll discover the people you need on your team in order to develop the best analytics strategy for your organization. Along the way, you’ll learn the answers to many common questions, including:

  • What are the five essential job families for a healthcare analytics team?
  • Which skills should members of these job families bring to the table?
  • What role does each member of an analytics team play?
  • What are the core characteristics of my ideal analytics professional?
  • What are the nine knowledge domains my analytics team needs to excel within?

Whether you’re creating a new analytics strategy or refining an existing one, you need a team in place that will be working toward a single goal—using data to make smarter decisions for your organization and the patients you serve. To get started, fill out the form and get your copy of the Healthcare Analytics Job Families Executive Guide now.