FUTS: Framework for Unit Testing SAS [Resource Pack]

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Get the FUTS: Framework for Unit Testing SAS Resource Pack

To make smart, data-driven decisions, your organization needs to know how to extract more valuable insights from your data—including developing SAS programs to highlight risk factors, patterns and opportunities. We've created FUTS so you can be certain your custom SAS programs have been written correctly, ensuring you get the results you need.

Get the FUTS Resource Pack, including a whitepaper and free download of the framework, today. You'll learn how, by using FUTS, SAS programmers are able to:

  • Write repeatable test code to check their work
  • Access a SAS macro library of assert functions, making it possible to create tests that compare macro symbols, data sets, and files produced by their SAS code
  • Use FUTS' perl script for batch execution of test suites, automating the process of running tests and reporting results
  • Adopt agile methods associated with Test-Driven Development, or Test-First Design
  • Automate regression tests in any software development lifecycle
  • And more!

Plus, the FUTS assertion library is compatible with the assertion library used by the thinking data® Event System, which manages events detected by assertions in production code, and provides other features for augmenting the manageability of mission-critical SAS applications.

Start simplifying your testing to glean better insights that power better decisions. Get the FUTS Resource Pack today!